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Haussner's Restaurant

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

48,000 sq ft

Asbestos abatement & raze to this Highland town building that was considered a historic landmark for the 73 years it was open.

Belcrest Plaza Apartments
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Belcrest Plaza

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

150,000 sq ft

Raze of seven buildings in an apartment complex totaling 120,000 sq ft. Removal of asbestos, abatement of windows, drywall, & roofs.

Bay Bank vault
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Bay Bank Vault

Location: Arbutus, Maryland

200 sq ft

Asbestos abatement to 200 sq ft of floor tile & complete turn-key demolition to the 50 year old concrete vault.


Potomac Hill Map

Potomac Annex

Location: Washington, D.C.

Contract Amount: $625,000

Renovation, for the US Navy, including extensive abatement of hazardous material & selective demolition. The exterior was protected & restored. This project met environmental performance goals.

Father O'Connell Hall

Father O'Connell Hall

Location: Washington, D.C.

70,000 sq ft

Complete removal of asbestos contaminated material in pipe insulation & fittings, floor tile & mastic to this Catholic University Hall. Access provided daily logs, special reports, & LEED documents.

Atlantic Terrace

Atlantic Gardens & Terrace

Location: Washington, DC

This project was comprised of the preservation of  2 affordable housing apartment complexes subsidized by section-eight housing. Atlantic Terrace & Atlantic Gardens consists of 300 units in each of the 11 buildings. Interior demolition to multiple areas of the entire apartment buildings. Asbestos containing material abatement to flooring of the bathrooms, kitchen, & boiler room.

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