Ashley Seymour



Ashley has continuously aided in the advancement of engaging with prospect customers. She is also responsible for securing building permits for demolition for projects involving Access Contracting Group. She facilitates the approval process by reviewing drawings, documents, filing for approvals & carries out communication with county officials to receive the permits. Ashley also coordinates the logistics of all heavy equipment per project. A sample of her project expediting experience includes the following:

Professional History

Content Marketing Manager, Access Demolition Contracting, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland; 2018 – Current.  Responsibilities:  Responsible for leading Access Demolition’s content creation across all divisions with the goals of driving brand awareness, lead generation, through leadership and customer satisfaction. This individual develops and implements online reputation management strategies, serves as the owner of all corporate social media channels. The content marketing manager upholds Access’s brand standards by setting best practices, and developing and implementing innovative campaigns, all while working collaborating with various internal divisions and external partners to achieve measurable success

Project Expeditor, Access Demolition Contracting, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland; 2018 – Current. Responsibilities: Coordinate, review & receive demolition permits for Access Demolition projects. Interpret specifications of what documents each permit requires such as electrical, gas, water & sewage shut offs, photos of the property & required bonds. She is responsible for working closely with the business development team to ensure smooth communication & retainability of clients.

Other notable skills:
 Coordination of appropriate excavation, earth moving, aerial work equipment
 Implementation of sediment controls such as silt fencing & filter socks for
environmental safety with the go ahead from project management
 Aiding in the practice of safe working conditions in heat stress situations as per
OSHA General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1)